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Every Soul Matters

People are suffering and finding it harder to cope with life.

  • 1 in 6 people report experiencing anxiety and depression in any given week.
  • 1 in 5 people have suicidal thoughts.
  • 1 in 14 people self-harm.
  • 1 in 4 people experience some form of mental health problem every year.
  • 70-75% of people receive no treatment at all.

More alarming is that these statistics are understated because they exclude people in hospitals, prisons, sheltered housing and the homeless.

Without mental health, there can be no health at all, because the ego leads the way.

From personal experience, Clayton understands how his own mental health challenges, ADHD, depression, food addiction, overwhelming anxiety, and negativity, can devastate lives causing us to deceive and betray ourselves, sabotage success, disregard our own well-being, neglect relationships, lie to others, sooth, and numb pain through unhealthy addictions.

More importantly, he also knows how to you manage, ease and resolve them.

Clayton is advocate for mental health, embracing neurodiversity and spiritual wellbeing.  He offers a series of events that share easy steps to enjoy quick wins to bring audiences into balance, with clarity of mind, a renewed sense of self and excitement for life.

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Every day Clayton works with individuals from all walks of life helping them move from feeling stuck, unhappy, distressed, angry, resentful, doubtful to feeling safe, to stop people pleasing, to be able to set boundaries, make conscious choices, trust themselves, feel confident and love life.  

In Clayton’s experience solutions begin by improving self-awareness and creating a more harmonious congruent relationship between the mind and the body, and then the body with consciousness (the soul). 

Research into mental health interventions tend to focus on the relationship between the mind and the body but overlook consciousness. The mind, body and soul have an interrelated connection and frequency, one cannot thrive without being in harmony with the other – it is this missing element and unlocking your congruency that Clayton helps you to understand and embed into your life.  

Studies show that the more congruent we become the more we are able to enjoy life’s highs and manage life’s lows; develop caring and loving relationships and make conscious choices and decisions.  Furthermore, our life goals arise from our own intrinsic values rather than through feelings of being controlled by others, people pleasing or internal incongruent compulsions .

UK and International

Clayton speaks in both Mind, Body, Spirit, and Corporate arenas,

UK and internationally.

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Clayton always customises his speaker events to meet the specific needs of his clients and audience. If required, he will happily create something new for you.

All his events can be delivered as:
1hr or 2hr keynotes
breakout sessions
half-day and full‐day workshops

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