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Speaker Bio

A meeting with Clayton is like finding the right key to your inner self


Clayton is an engaging and thought-provoking speaker on the topics of mental health, neurodiversity, and consciousness.  He is an internationally renowned psychic medium, spiritual guide, ceremony leader, and award-winning author.


Clayton is passionate about loving life and enjoying every aspect of it.  He loves to be different, challenge the status quo and inspire the people and companies he works with to explore new ways of thinking, attitudes, and behaviours, improving lives and results for the long-term.

Clayton’s ethos in life is ‘Every soul matters every time’ which is why he feels it is a privilege helping people from all walks of life to unburden themselves of their karmic pain, fear, anger, and doubt so they can feel free, happy, and safe in their own lives.

From personal experience, Clayton understands how his own mental health challenges, ADHD, depression, food addiction, overwhelming anxiety, and negativity, can devastate lives causing us to deceive and betray ourselves, sabotage success, disregard our own well-being, neglect relationships, lie to others, sooth, and numb pain through unhealthy addictions.

More importantly, he also knows how to help manage, ease, and resolve them.

Clayton has spent 20 years studying negativity, self-betrayal, incongruent behaviour and understanding the spiritual reasons behind his own mental health problems, neurodiversity, and the related consequences in his life.  Every event, minor and significant, had a very important meaning, message, action, and energy to help him heal and improve his life in a meaningful way.

In Clayton’s experience solutions begin by improving self-awareness and creating a more harmonious congruent relationship between the mind and the body, and then the body with consciousness (the soul).   Research into mental health interventions tend to focus on the relationship between the mind and the body but overlook consciousness. The mind, body and soul have an interrelated connection and frequency, one cannot thrive without being in harmony with the other.   When you are incongruent with who you are, you feel like something is missing, which it is.  Our Souls call to us, to show us the way, but often we are distracted, unaware, or not listening.

The more congruent you become the more you are able to enjoy life’s highs and manage life’s lows; develop caring and loving relationships and make conscious choices and decisions.  Furthermore, your life goals arise from your own intrinsic values rather than through feelings of being controlled by others, pleasing people or internal incongruent compulsions.

Without mental health, there can be no health at all…

because then the ego leads the way.

In his work and talks, Clayton helps audiences overcome the negativity that stifles their progress and causes destructive self-betraying behaviours by explaining with solutions the effects on the physical body, the mind, how it interacts with spirit and impact our daily lives.

Clayton invites you and your audiences to learn new and innovative ways to live a more congruent, conscious, and joyful life, in balance, with clarity of mind, and renewed excitement each and every day.

A member of an audience said about her experience of Clayton – ‘I heard Clayton speak publicly for the first time this summer and was inspired by what I heard. He’s one of those people who just lights up a room and you know that he is a genuine, humble, and gracious spirit.’

Award Winning Author

Clayton is the author of the bestselling book ‘The Ego’s Code – Understanding the Truth Behind Your Negativity’, which has won multiple awards for Mental Health, Self-Improvement, Psychology and Spirituality.

Clayton’s Style and Experience

Clayton has experience speaking at conferences and events nationally and internationally, with audiences up to 500 people including – UK, Switzerland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Iceland, Germany, Australia, and USA.

Clayton has an energising, interactive, and down-to-earth style that enables him to build rapport quickly with audiences.

Clayton’s core strength is his ability to connect quickly with the divine and channel the reasons for your incongruencies and karmic patterns so you can learn the lessons, release the energies, and remember who you are.

Keynote Topics

Clayton offers a series of events that share easy steps to enjoy quick wins to bring audiences in to balance, with clarity of mind, a renewed sense of self and excitement for life. 

Also, you will learn new ways to improve your mental health, supercharge your wellbeing and help you achieve unimaginable results in your life.

– Spiritual Event – 

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What’s it all about?

Hidden within you are five sacred secrets of your soul, which together create a natural sustainable harmony between your mind and your body, and your body with your soul.   

Each secret has a specific meaning, message, action, divine energy, and personal pathway to your life of joy.   Together they hold the key to your soul’s purpose.  

Conversely, each secret, also contains patterns of disruption revealing your incongruences and life lessons to help you learn, grow, and remember who you are.   

This interactive talk will show you how to uncover your soul’s purpose and learn how to navigate your incongruences so you can become who you were born to be.

#I Matter - BENEFITS

Personal benefits:

1. Know your mind, know your body, know your Soul

2. How to stop saying ‘I don’t matter’

3. How to be you

4. How to trust you

5. How to act for you

6. How to stop feeling afraid, angry, sad, disappointed

7. Feel safe in your own skin

8. Feel courageous in your life9. 

9. Make conscious decisions for your highest good

10. Understand how and where you sabotage your life

11. Learn how to navigate the illusions of your Ego

12. Free yourself of negativity

– Spiritual Event – 

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What’s it all about?

Do you feel guilty or uncomfortable saying no?

Do you worry about what other people think?

Do you apologise for being you?

Do you pretend to agree with people, when you don’t?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any one of these questions, you are betraying yourself in some way.

Worthiness is the plague of the human condition which stems from our accustomed unconscious desire to ‘please others’.  Often, we compromise ourselves without even knowing it because we have trained ourselves to feel safe, to be safe.  We tell ourselves that our wants, needs, dreams and desires don’t matter.  This leads to overwhelming feelings of resentment, anxiety, guilt, and loneliness.  

It’s time to stop betraying yourself, to stop blending into the background, to stop playing safe, to stop ‘settling’.  

Break-free, release yourself from the chains of the past, and embrace your magnificence.

Released - BENEFITS

Personal benefits:

  1. Understand the psychology, science and mental health drivers behind ‘people pleasing’
  1. How to comfortably say yes to you, and no to others
  1. How to set clear boundaries
  1. How to prioritise your own needs
  1. How to listen to, hear and honour your own feelings
  1. How to have ‘healthy’ conversations 
  1. How to stop apologising for being you
  1. How to stop worrying about what other people think
  1. How to give, without compromising yourself
  1. How to appreciate and accept yourself

– Spiritual Event – 

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Mental Health Alchemy - DESCRIPTION

What’s it all about?

Research into mental health interventions tend to focus on the relationship between the mind and the body but overlook consciousness. Your mind, body and soul have an interrelated connection and frequency, one cannot thrive without being in harmony with the other.   

When you are incongruent with who you are stress levels rise in the mind and body, causing disharmony, confusion, fear, uncertainty, and doubt. We question our place in the world, feel unworthy, withdraw, and experience loneliness all worsening mental health issues.   At these times, our consciousness calls to us, to show us the way out and way forward, but often we are too distracted, unaware, or not listening.

This talk is not just about improving your mental health, it is about discovering from within what is right for you, creating a plan with your own unique solution and then supercharging your wellbeing so you can enjoy life’s highs and manage life’s lows, develop caring and loving relationships, and enjoy an extraordinary life. 

Mental Health Alchemy - BENEFITS

Personal benefits:

  1. Understand your own mental health needs
  1. Improve your coping skills
  1. Reduce anxiety and stress
  1. Sharpen your mind and focus
  1. Increase your confidence and self esteem
  1. Maintain calm when under pressure
  1. Better problem solving
  1. Be more effective and productive in your life
  1. Conscious decision making
  1. Handle difficult conversations better
  1. Improve your relationships
  1. Supercharge your personal wellbeing

– Spiritual Event – 

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NeuroDivergent Genius - DESCRIPTION

What’s it all about?

We all experience and interact with the world in different ways. We all have different strengths, talents, capabilities, and struggles.  There is no right way to be.  Our differences are not deficits.  They are the gifts of being human. 

Unfortunately, we are missing out on very special relationships because of their own unconscious biases, and lack of understanding around neurodiversity.  Words like neurological differences, disorders, disability, minorities, feed our biases creating separation and causing us to lose sight of the person in front of us.   The danger is that our ignorance will lead to further exclusion, inequality, stigma, and discrimination, rather enabling us to see the genius that can help improve the world in which we all live.

With 1 in 8 people being neurodivergent, it is important for us all to understand how our brains function, learn and process information differently, for the betterment of us all.

This interactive talk seeks to improve your knowledge about neurodiversity, close the gap between perception and reality, show you where to get help or how to give support so we all feel seen, validated, and valued. 

NeuroDivergent Genius - BENEFITS

Personal benefits:

  1. Understand the psychology, neurology and mental health issues of neurodiversity
  1. Learn the best ways to embrace neurodiversity to improve personal and mental wellbeing
  1. Create welcoming and inclusive communities for all to thrive
  1. See the world through the different lens of different neurodivergent minds
  1. Understand the different strengths that come from thinking differently 
  1. Bring new ideas and unique perspectives into your life
  1. Unlock stellar imagination that leads to breath taking creativity
  1. Facilitate open and honest communication
  1. Encourage equality and openness
  1. Improve inclusivity

– Spiritual Event – 

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Chemistry Matter - DESCRIPTION

What’s it all about?

There are three ways to manifest and create the life you dream of – Newtonian creation, quantum creation and holographic creation – all are very powerful in their own way;  all operate on a different frequency; all have different speeds and timing of creation.

However, despite these differences they all have one thing in common your inner chemistry.  The phrase ‘you are what you eat’ has many meanings, but the one that is often missed is how your chemistry affects your soul’s energy and health, which directly affects your ability to create the life you wish for.   

Unhealthy food creates an unhealthy gut which poisons your body, affecting your mindset, your mood, the way you think, the way you feel, the way you behave, your relationship with yourself, your relationships with others, your levels of enjoyment and your performance in life. 

In this interactive talk, discover how to heal your body, rejuvenate your mind, energise your soul, and create the life you dream of.

Chemistry Matters - BENEFITS

Personal & business benefits:

  1. Learn how to listen to your body’s needs to optimise your chemistry for peak performance
  1. Understand how your chemistry and energy affects your abilities as a creator of your best life
  1. Understand how, why and where you are haemorrhaging energy
  1. Learn how to renew your energy and strengthen your immune system
  1. Learn how to manage your energy when there is increasing demand for your time and attention
  1. Understand how your chemistry masks or reveals your biases, blinds spots and self-sabotaging behaviour
  1. Understand how your chemistry – good and bad – affects others and your relationships with them
  1. Discover how to minimise negativity and ease your stress levels
  1. Improve your sleep and memory

– Spiritual Event – 

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The Ripple Effect - DESCRIPTION

What’s it all about?

Research shows that kindness cascades and spreads through others, with every act having the potential to triple its impact spreading positive emotions, supporting mental health, improving self-esteem, wellbeing, and prosocial behaviour. Therefore, every kindness act matters, but does the ‘act’ itself need to be genuine?  Or can it be fake?  Is there a difference and does it really matter?

When we are under pressure, we often use ‘fake’ kindness to appease or placate others, to persuade and to get people on side.  Even though our intentions are good, there are negative side effects.

‘Fake’ kindness is often received in the same way as lying.  Even the smallest ‘white lie’ can heighten stress, threaten self-worth, create insecurity, lower self-esteem, erode trust, and deteriorate relationships.  In all areas of life, it is seen and received as insincere, suspicious, dishonest, and even unkind.

This interactive talk will show you how to recognise the difference between genuine and fake acts of kindness. Then understand the ripple effects on your life when the kindness you give, receive, remember or see is genuine or fake, conditional, or unconditional.

The Ripple Effect - BENEFITS

Personal benefits:

  1. Understand the psychology, science and mental health differences of genuine and fake kindness
  1. Improve your ability to show kindness, empathy and compassion towards yourself first, and then others
  1. Create a life, and community which leads to and facilitates good mental health habits
  1. Clear and honest communication without fear of repercussion or need to ‘people please’
  1. Create a welcoming space for people to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas
  1. Reduce negativity
  1. Improve trust
  1. Live a  happier life

Clayton always customises his events to meet the specific needs of his clients and audience. If required, he will happily create something new for you. 

All his events can be delivered as 1hr or 2hr keynotes, half-day and fullday workshops. 



Investment Options

 PACKAGE A – £3,000
Keynote speaking (1hr or 2hrs)
Social media feature

PACKAGE B – £4,000
Keynote speaking (1hr or 2hrs)
Half-day seminar
Social media feature

PACKAGE C – £5,000
Keynote speaking (1hr or 2hrs)
Full-day seminar
Blog & social media feature