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Magic is Real …

… but how congruent and conscious is your magic?

Are you creating the magic you want in your life or is your negativity getting in the way?

Learn how to embrace and embody your magic, dissolve obstacles and become the person you are called to be.

What is Congruency?

Congruency is your most conscious, natural, kind, and sincere way of living.

It is the innate, harmonious bond between you and your Soul.
It is your unique energy frequency that carries messages and guidance to you from your Soul.

You don’t have to search for it,
it is already within you and available to you right here, right now, today!

Your Soul is calling, are you ready to listen?

A meeting with Clayton is like finding the right key to your inner self



Your energy is sacred, which is why it must be respected at all times.

THIS IS IMPORTANT because when you ask someone to read for you, you are giving them permission to connect with your energy in a very unique and intimate way.

When Clayton reads for you, he protects your energy, so your soul, your ego, and your guides feel safe to share clear guidance, specific tasks, and steps to learn, to grow, to heal and move forward in life.


What answers do you seek?
Clayton can and will help you!

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Coaching & Mentoring


Clayton’s coaching and mentoring programmes help you live in complete harmony with your Soul.

However, the journey to congruency is not easy.
Navigating your past and your ego is often full of fear, uncertainty and at times lonely.

Partnering with Clayton will make your journey easier and more enjoyable.
Together you will work on many levels soulful, ancestral, mystical, psychological, emotional, and behavioural.

If you are committed to you, and interested in working closely with Clayton on a regular basis:

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Clayton is my spiritual guide in the darkness of life’s purpose

Award Winning Author


We all experience negativity, which can cause you to sabotage success, relationships, health, wellbeing and finances, preventing you from living your best life.

The Ego’s Code offers new understanding to change out-of-date beliefs about negativity.
Clayton’s book explores the spiritual and psychological reasons for negativity, its purpose and the effects on the physical body, mental health, and spiritual wellbeing.

The Ego’s Code contains powerful exercises to release your negativity and heal your soul, so you can live with more joy and happiness every day.

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Clayton speaks in both the Corporate and Mind, Body, Spirit arenas, UK and internationally, on topics of Mental Health, Neurodiversity, Self-betrayal, Kindness, and Consciousness.

From personal experience, Clayton understands how his own mental health challenges, ADHD, depression, food addiction, overwhelming anxiety, and negativity, devastates lives causing us to deceive and betray ourselves, sabotage success, disregard our own well-being, neglect relationships, lie to others, sooth, and numb pain through unhealthy addictions.

More importantly, he also knows how to help manage, ease, and resolve them.

Clayton has spent 20 years studying negativity, self-betrayal, incongruent behaviour and understanding the spiritual and psychological reasons behind his own mental health problems, neurodiversity, and the related consequences in his life. Every event, minor and significant, had a very important meaning, message, life changing action that improved his life in a meaningful way.

Clayton offers a series of events that share easy steps to enjoy quick wins to bring audiences into balance, with clarity of mind, a renewed sense of self and excitement for life.

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Here are some fantastic conversations, with some really interesting people early on in Clayton’s journey to congruency. We hope you enjoy listening to them.

    Recommended Reading


    These are some of Claytons favourite books written by his favourite soulful teachers. Each book helped to improve and shape his life.

    **As a disclaimer, it is important for you to know that Clayton will get a small commission from any purchases you make from the books he recommends.**
    **Thank you for your kind understanding**

    Nurturing Practices


    Kindness is the language of the Soul.

    Being kind to other people we care about is normal, but so many of us struggle to be kind to ourserlves without feeling guilty, or shame, or fear about what other people will think. So instead, we unconsciously, often out of awareness, do the opposite. The truth is when you are unkind to you, you hurt you and there is no room to love you.

    No matter what you experience in life, the only constant is you, which is why it is so important to become consciously aware of how you treat you. It is easy to be kind when things are going well; it is more important to be kind when life is challenging.

    When you are kind to you, you are saying #iMatter to me. Acts of self-kindness raise your energy, radiate joy, bring peace and harmony to your life. They are also the essential seeds to mental health and personal wellbeing.

    To get you started Clayton has created a FREE list of 30 nurturing practices for your to test out and trial in your life as you choose.



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