July 2022


July 2022


Important Message

If you are reading this…


You have been guided to this page for a reason!

It is important for you to know that when you ask someone to read for you, you are giving them permission to connect with your energy in a very unique and intimate way – this a profound gift and the ultimate privilege – which is why it is imperative that you and your energy are respected and protected at all times.

This is of paramount importance to Clayton.

July 2022


Hi, I’m Clayton

Clayton is an internationally known psychic, medium and clairvoyant.  He has read for people all over the World, from all walks of life.

His readings have helped people get answers and gain clarity in some of the most private and sensitive areas of their lives.

Clayton’s readings have been described as profoundly accurate, insightful, empowering and spot on.

So, what answers to you seek?  What clarity do you need?

July 2022


Your Questions Answered

Clayton has the unique ability and gift to be a psychic, medium and clairvoyant.   The distinction between psychics, mediums and clairvoyants can be confusing.  In fact, many think the terms are interchangeable, but that is not the case.


Psychics have the ability to give detailed information about the past, present or even the future, but not deliver messages from Spirits on the other side.


Mediums are empathic, sensitive, and intuitive.  They are able to raise their vibration and frequency to embody, hear, feel, and see information from Spirits on the other side.  Some mediums are able to interact and communicate with Spirits as clearly as they do with people day-to-day.


Clair means ‘Clear’.   Clair’s receive stronger messages overall.  There are six Clair’s which Clayton works with when reading for you:

Clairvoyance – means clear seeing of messages through pictures or visions of the past, present or future through the third eye.

Clairaudience – means clear hearing of messages through spoken words, sound, music, from your soul, ego, spirits, and guides.

Clairsentience – means clear feeling of messages through sensations, energy or emotions connected to you, connected to someone else, connected with spirits or your guides.

Clairalience – means clear smelling of odours that don’t have any physical source and are not physically present in your life, or in this dimension, e.g., it may be the smell of perfume or favourite flowers of a deceased loved one.

Clairgustance – means clear tasting of something that is not actually there or physically present in your life, or in this dimension, e.g., it may be a guide or deceased loved one trying to trigger a specific memory.

Claircognizance – means clear knowing something as fact and truth.  Spirits and guides impart truth out of nowhere as knowledge of people or events you wouldn’t normally know about. Claircognizance requires complete trust and faith in the divine because there is often no practical explanation for the sudden ‘knowing’ of something.

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July 2022


What to Expect

In a reading with Clayton, please be open to an indescribable experience and be prepared to receive information you may not have asked for, nonetheless you are ready to hear. Always remember, the divine will never give you anything you cannot handle.

Here are some of the benefits of having a reading with Clayton.

All Clayton needs to do your reading is your name … and that’s it! 

When Clayton reads for you, he steps out of his body to welcome in your energy.   This ensures he is reading through your inner filters, your psychological stories, your ego, your soul, and receiving information from your guides, who share very detailed information about you in your life.  It also guarantees your reading is about you and is not tainted by what is going on in his life.

30 minutes before your reading Clayton will tune into you.  At this time, you may feel lightheaded and briefly disorientated.  Clayton will channel through all the guidance you need to know to help you in your life for the upcoming three months.

Your reading will be recorded and emailed to you.

When you book a reading, you’ll be taken to our membership site. You will have your own membership account where you can access a recording of your reading, as well as many other perks and cool new stuff.

July 2022


Types of readings

Absent Reading

You receive:

  • Absent means you will not be on the call with Clayton.
  • 45-60 minutes.
  • Clayton will channel through your Soul’s guidance, insights, and actions for the next three months.
  • Your reading will take place within 72 hours of booking.
  • Your reading will be recorded and uploaded to your membership account.
  • You will be notified when you can access your recording, by email.

Cost: £250

In-Person Reading

You receive:

  • Your reading will take place over Zoom, and you will be on the call ‘live’ with Clayton.
  • 60-90 minutes.
  • Clayton will channel through your Soul’s guidance, insights, and actions forthe next three months.
  • Your guides will pause at regular intervals to give you opportunities to ask questions and receive deeper insight.
  • Your reading will be recorded and uploaded to your membership account.

Cost: £375

July 2022


Reading Recommendations

Receive your Gift

The Ego's Code Meditation

Designed to complement the book, The Ego’s Code, this meditation is a powerful 45-minute healing journey that helps to detox the negativity from your life and improve your self-worth so you can live with more joy and happiness.

Recorded in 432 Hz, the music in this meditation has been channelled to help you release and heal negative energy blockages, distress, and unhappiness.  As you heal, you will experience a deep inner transformation that reunifies your mind with your body, your body with your soul, and your soul with nature.

The Ego's Code Meditation guides you through four sections - grounding and merging your consciousness with Mother Earth; retrieving insightful learning from the World Tree of Consciousness; releasing the negativity that has been holding you back; and receiving a lost part of your soul, which will reintegrate fully.

It's free!