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July 2022


July 2022


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July 2022



Clayton is a coach and mentor to boardroom executives, senior leaders in large global organisations, house husbands, housewives, professional speakers, lawyers, teachers, students, and entrepreneurs.

The point is people are people, it is not what you do that matters, it’s who you are in your Soul and are you happy.

Whilst all that sounds impressive, the thing is, Clayton doesn’t care what you do for a job or your background, or your colour, your race, your religion, your sexual preference etc – none of those matter.


The most important thing is … 

Do you matter to you?

Your incongruencies are painful.

They cause us to feel stuck, unhappy, distressed, and unsafe – triggering us to feel tired, exhausted, angry, resentful, doubtful, confused, frustrated, miserable, stressed.

Sometimes there are so many things we feel unhappy about or want to change we don’t know which way to turn, where to start or what to do first.

This was Clayton!

You are not broken!

Your pain is real, your doubt is real, the calling in your Soul is real, but you have become so comfotable in your discomfort, that you are questioning yourself, rather than listening to yourself.

The more you ignore you, or try to avoid you, the more intense your pain will get until you give you the attention you crave.

When you are incongruent your Soul is calling for you to learn, to heal or to remmeber.

Begin your journey …

A journey of self-appreciation, conscious choices, living on purpose, being unapologetically yourself, achieving divine goals, trutsting yourself and activing on your intuition is not always an easy one.

It requires you to navigate and learn from your past, surrender, and let go of all expectations, accepting who you are ‘warts and all’, stepping into the unknown, flying into uncertainty, embraing and own your power as a force for good in the world … and that’s just for starters.

This takes time and is further complicated by the daily inner chaos of your challenges, obstacles, fear, uncertainty, negativity, mental health issues etc., that block your path, cast doubt on your confidence, purpose and direction in life.

Rather than navigating

this chaos and travelling alone …

Let Clayton be your Guide

July 2022



Highly presonalised. all sessions are channelled

Clarity of direction through divinely guided action

Confidence to be you. free yourself of negativity

July 2022


Words of Praise

July 2022


The process

Your work with Clayton is not a linear process. During your time together, you will navigate and move back and forth through five interrelated phases.

Phase 1:


The purpose of phase 1 is to understand the areas of your life where you are unconsciously thinking, feeling, and behaving ‘I don’t matter, to me’ and why.

Here, you are expanding your awareness and learning from your past rather than just surviving an unconscously suffering as a victim.

The coaching process will agitate and disrupt old stuck energy, unhealthy patterns and stories, poor habits, and emotional addictions loosening their hold over you, minimising their impact on your life.

Rune: Hagalaz
Element: Air.  Tree: Yew.  Bird: Raven
Psychological Focus: Understand where ‘I don’t matter, to me’ and why
Developing: Self-Acceptance & Self Appreciation

Phase 2:


In phase 2 you will surrender and let go of everything that does not serve you, no exceptions, no exclusions, with no expectations. 

It is a radical renewal of Spirit. You will unwire and unlearn old thinking, shed skins of unhealthy karmic patterns, heal past life trauma, and create seedlings of new thoughts, feelings, and behaviour of ‘I want to matter to me’. As you let go, the mentoring process will help you to harness and guide the released energies in theri true Soulful direction giving you access to lost ancestral wisdom, and the building blocks to start living consciously on purpose. 

Rune: Perthro (with Othala)
Element: Fire.  Tree: Beech.  Bird: Phoenix
Psychological Focus: Moving from ‘I don’t matter’ to ‘I want to matter’ 
Developing: Self Respect & Self Worth

Phase 3:


Phase 3 ignites the ‘Sacred Reunion’ between you and your Soul.  You begin to remember who you are in your Soul, receive lost pieces of Soul, create space to welcome the ‘whole’ you into your life, and realign to your natural gifts, talents, and mastery. 

You naturally recalibrate into the mindset, energies, and behaviours of ‘iMatter’ creating a more reserceful, balanced, and coherent way of being. 

Finally, you activate your power as a force for good in your life and in the world. 

Rune: Gebo.
Element: Spirit.  Tree: Elm.  Bird: Swan
Psychological Focus: Moving from ‘I want to matter’ to ‘iMatter’ 
Developing: Self Care & Self Compassion

Phase 4:


In Phase 4, there is an emergent awakening and conscious realisation that ‘iMatter’. For some this comes with ease, for others it comes as a shockingly gratifying reality. 

The joy in this awareness brings a strong sense of Self and identity, mental strength, clarity of mind, confidence and self-esteem, clear boundaries, a desire to make new conscious choices for you, and an amplified excitement about who you are in your life and about your life. 

Rune: Mannaz.
Element: Water.  Tree: Alder or Holly.  Bird: Hawk
Psychological Focus: iMatter
Developing: Self Knowledge


Phase 5:


In Phase 5, a new divine life force is available to you. You have freed the light within you that has been shut away and denied for so long. It is a time of bountiful energy bringing the joyful deliverance, of your true path, and new life.

You have activated your Soul’s sacred secrets, intensified your psychic power centres, increased divine will and optimised your health. You feel free to express and share who you are.

You see how the divine interacts with all things. You trust in you, feel confident, couragous, and have faith in outcomes allowing right and honourable action to guide your intentions.

It is a time of creation. You will design and create the life you choose for you, through happiness and joy rather than reacting through pain and suffering.

Rune: Odin.
Element: Earth and Sky.  Tree: Grand Oak.  Bird: Eagle
Psychological Focus: ‘iMatter’, ‘You Matter’, ‘We Matter’
Developing: Self-love with Selfless Action

Programme Options

The Sacred Reunion
Releasing who I am

You receive:
8 Appointments (60 mins each)* which can be used in any of the following three combinations:

  • 8 x Mentoring appointments only, or
  • 7 x Mentoring, plus 1 x Absent Reading, or
  • 6 x Mentoring, plus 2 x Absent Readings

*Use as you need.

Cost: £3,120 

  • Payable in advance

The Congruent Self 
My Soul, My Path, My Way

You receive:
12 Appointments over six months (60 to 75 mins each) structured as follows: 

  • 1 x Planning session
  • 5 x Mentoring appointments, two per month
  • 1 x In-Person Reading, at mid-point
  • 5 x Mentoring appointments, two per month
  • Support between appointments

Cost: £5,000

  • Payable in 2 equal instalments of £2,500
    (1st at start of programme, 2nd before reading)

The Courageous Creator
Living My Congruent Life

You receive:
24 Appointments over twelve months (c.60 to 75 mins each) structured as follows:

  • 1 x Planning session
  • 12 x Mentoring appointments, two per month
  • 3 x In-Person Readings, one per quarter
  • 6 x Mentoring appointments, two per month
  • 2 x Review sessions
  • Daily chat support via membership site

Cost: £10,000

  • Payable in 4 equal instalments of £2,500 invoiced quarterly in advance.

July 2022


Words of Praise

Receive your Gift

The Ego's Code Meditation

Designed to complement the book, The Ego’s Code, this meditation is a powerful 45-minute healing journey that helps to detox the negativity from your life and improve your self-worth so you can live with more joy and happiness.

Recorded in 432 Hz, the music in this meditation has been channelled to help you release and heal negative energy blockages, distress, and unhappiness.  As you heal, you will experience a deep inner transformation that reunifies your mind with your body, your body with your soul, and your soul with nature.

The Ego's Code Meditation guides you through four sections - grounding and merging your consciousness with Mother Earth; retrieving insightful learning from the World Tree of Consciousness; releasing the negativity that has been holding you back; and receiving a lost part of your soul, which will reintegrate fully.

It's free!