July 2022


July 2022


July 2022


Why Meditate?

Scientific research suggests that regular meditation provides the following benefits…

Reduces anxiety & stress

Improves mental health

Strengthens your heart

Increases positivity & happiness

Provides clarity & direction

Builds courage & self-confidence

Improves your sense of self

Become more aware & present

Enhances self-esteem

Improves your coping skills

Gives perspective

Sharpens your focus

Improves your sleep & memory

Strengthens your immune system

Cultivates kindness & trust

Creates a sense of calm

July 2022


Your Questions Answered


‘Meditation is about befriending who you are already’ – Pema Chodron

‘Meditation is about you spending quality time with you and your Soul. It is your direct line to the divinity within you, and how you access the answers and healing you are unconsciously seeking.’

– Clayton John Ainger


There are many different definitions and perspectives of meditation:

Buddhism – Pathway to enlightenment & nirvana

Sanskrit – To cultivate the self

Taoism – Intentional contemplation

Tibetan – To become

Oxford English Dictionary:

  • Expanding one’s mind for a period of time
  • To think deeply about something

Merriman Webster Dictionary:

  • To spend time in quiet thought
  • To engage in reflection

1. Meditation is not about having a profound enlightened mystical experience, although this does happen occasionally. Sometimes, meditation is about being able to sit and be with the chaotic mind, to watch, to listen, to learn, to understand.  It is a myth, that meditation always needs to be calm and tranquil. Agitation is one of the most important communications from the divine that we have been conditioned to ignore and stuff down, but it is not something we can hide from.  In fact, agitation is an enormous source of wisdom – we just need to let it share its message.


2. Meditation is not about a mental state, particular mood, or level of consciousness. Forget all that.  You were born with the tools to master the art of letting go, surrendering to your inner world, a world of ‘no mind.’  Your brain is electrochemical in nature.  When your brains nerve cells fire, they produce fields of varying electrical activity called brainwave frequencies – beta, alpha, theta, delta, and gamma.

  • Beta waves are small fast brainwaves associated with states of mental and intellectual activity that have an outward external focus.
  • Alpha waves slow down your analytical mind, helpings you enter a flow state where your attention eases into your inner world, inducing feelings of relaxation and increased creativity.
  • Theta waves are associated with deep states of meditation, spiritual experiences, and higher states of consciousness.
  • Delta are the slowest recorded brainwaves.  They are associated with restorative, healing sleep.
  • Gamma waves are the highest brainwave frequency.  They are associated with high levels of thought, and expanded consciousness in advanced meditators.  Research suggest gamma wave meditation increase feelings of happiness and improve fatigue, ADD, and depression.


3. Meditation is not rest or relaxation. However, more often than not, feeling relaxed and rested are outcomes, often associated with meditation.  This is because relaxation involves releasing the tensions in the body, calming the breath, providing a gateway into deeper into consciousness through meditation.


4. Meditation is not focusing. Focusing requires the narrowing of your mind, precision thinking, where you deliberately concentrate on one thing.  Meditation expands your consciousness into a state of being, where you become aware of many things simultaneously or nothing at all.


5. Meditation is not selfish. Meditation is an essential part of normal life just like eating healthy food, sleeping, brushing your teeth, exercise etc.  It is another example of you taking care of you.


6. Meditation is not escapism. Escapism includes a distraction to avoid your life and your problems causing you to experience life in a passive unconscious way, e.g., through TV, social media.  Meditation removes all distractions and helps you get to know yourself, often bringing clarity, insight, understanding, to help you solve your problems and embrace your life.


7. Meditation is not about taking shortcuts, achieving fast results, or even walking an easy path. Meditation is about building a closer, more intimate, deeper understanding relationship with you.  Yes, some of the benefits outlined above can be achieved as quickly as 4-6 weeks of regular practice, but the results may be inconsistent. To enjoy the nourishing life-changing benefits meditation can bring, takes time, attention, care, patience, kindness, and gentleness with you.


8. Meditation is not separate from Mindfulness. Mindfulness and meditation are connected and entwined. Together they bring benefits of mental health, physical and emotional wellbeing, self-discovery, personal growth, inner peace, and freedom to be yourself.  The Buddhism 8-fold path suggests right mindfulness leads to and supports right meditation.


Tradition suggests an approach similar to the following:


  1. Finding a quiet, safe place to sit free from distractions. This can be sat in a chair, sat on the floor, sat outside in nature.  It’s important to feel and be comfortable.


  1. Set a timer. This ensures all of your energy is focused on you being with you, without worrying about or being distracted by time.  All the guided meditations on our website range between 20 and 45 minutes in length – each one manages the time for you.  There are also apps available with meditation timers.


  1. Record how you feel before you meditate. This bring conscious attention to yourself and helps improve your awareness about how you are feeling before and your meditation.  Do not make anything bad or wrong, just notice what you notice.  Make a note.  After your meditation you will repeat this recording to notice how your feelings have changed – you should see an improvement (see point 10 below).

  1. Set your intention for your meditation giving it purpose, rather than meditating for meditation’s sake.


  1. Sit upright in a comfortable position with your legs crossed. The purpose of the spine is to move your life force (i.e., your breath), so when you sit upright it enables your breath to move up the spine, through the energy centres, to the brain oxygenating the body.  Crossing your legs helps facilitate the movement of energy within your body.


  1. Place your palms face up either one on the tops of each leg, or together comfortably between your legs. This position called a ‘mudra’ causes your shoulders to rotate outward, your chest to open, your spine to rise up and eyes to look forward.  You are preparing your mind for meditation.   This open posture enhances your body’s ability of to listen, receive information and gain insight from within you.


  1. Close your eyes and sit with your head slightly upturned causing your attention to naturally move to between your eyebrows ‘to your third eye.’ This enables you to see your life through your spiritual eyes beyond your normal human limits of perception and illusion. Closing your eyes during your meditation will help to heighten your other senses, allowing you to tune in deeper with the sensations inside you and around you.


  1. Focus on your breath and breathing – a key component of meditation. On a physical and psychological level breathing helps bring you back into the present, it oxygenates and purifies the body e.g., by reducing blood pressure, improving metabolism, and increasing alertness.
  • On a spiritual level breathing acts as a gateway to your Soul because it ‘knows how to go deeper than the mind’ (Wim Hof).  Breathing is both automatic and autonomous, unconscious, or conscious, depending on whether you are paying attention.  This means to master your breath means you are able to consciously master the connection between your mind, with your body, and then your body with your Soul.


  1. Allow your consciousness to wander and explore without expectation. Notice what you notice.  Check in with sensations.  Ask questions and allow the answers to come up from within you.  Setting expectations will only limit your experience.


  1. Record what happened and how your feel at the end of your meditation.   As you come out of your meditation, take the greatest care of you, and only when you are ready, open your eyes, come back into your room, and make a note of how feel and all you can remember.

There is no one size fits all, because you are unique; the way you experience your life is unique to you; your connection to the divine is unique to you; how your Soul communicates with you is unique to you.  Therefore, it is important for you to discover what works best for you.

‘Traditional’ positions to meditate include sitting, standing, laying down and walking.

All our guided meditations ask you to sit because your body is supported, balanced, relaxed and it facilitates ‘letting go’.

It is suggested that a meditative state can also be achieved through:

  • Walking in nature
  • Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Running
  • Conscious Journaling
  • Relaxing in the bath
  • All of the above.

Your Soul is always sharing information with you.  Meditation will help you to listen and hear better so you can make conscious choices, that you choose for you.


It’s not about how long you meditate for, or even how often.

It’s about how you live your life.

Consistent and regular meditation practice cultivates kindness, illuminates your Soul and radiates your most congruent self into all aspects of your life

– Your intimate relationships
– Your health and body
– Your emotional and spiritual wellbeing
– Your work
– Your money and finances
– Your family and friends
– Your playtime

In essence your life becomes a living meditation.

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July 2022


Meditation Experiment

For the next 7 days …

Whether you are experienced or new to meditation, this daily experiment can have a positive effect on your day and help improve your mood, outlook on life, sense of self, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

 For the next 7 days …

Step 1 – Notice how you feel when you wake up.  Then record how you feel on the ‘mood worksheet’ available for download below.

Step 2 – Meditate for 20 minutes using our morning meditation – ‘Free My Light’ (available below)

Step 3 – After your meditation, notice how you feel and record on the ‘mood worksheet.’

After 7 days …

Add our 20-minute evening meditation – ‘The Secret Messages of Gratitude’ (available below) – to your daily practice, so you are meditating twice each day.

Review after one month to notice the positive improvements in your outlook and in your life.

Morning & Evening

Begin and end each day in love and gratitude of your Soul.

Free My Light

Awaken to the Wisdom of your Soul

Morning Meditation
Running time: 25-minutes

The Secret Messages of Gratitude

Rest & Sleep in the Essence of your Soul


Evening Meditation
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Amplify the Wisdom of your Soul

Meditation Bundle


Morning & Evening Meditations
Combined running time: 45-minutes

July 2022


Detox for Free

Designed to complement the book, The Ego’s Code, this meditation is a powerful 45-minute healing journey that helps to detox the negativity from your life and improve your self-worth so you can live with more joy and happiness.

The Ego's Code Meditation guides you through four sections - grounding and merging your consciousness with Mother Earth; retrieving insightful learning from the World Tree of Consciousness; releasing the negativity that has been holding you back; and receiving a lost part of your soul, which will reintegrate fully.

The Ego's Code Meditation


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Activate Your Soul

The sacred secrets of the soul have been channelled into five 20-minute meditations.  Each meditation takes you on a mystical journey inward activating one aspect of your soul’s congruent energy.  Repeated daily use amplifies this energy, bringing new wisdom, ancient gifts, and healing from your soul.

Sovereign Bear

Activate the divine courage, confidence and inner strength to be faithful to who you are.

Running time: 20-minutes

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Joyful Hummingbird

Awaken the soulful joy within you activating the truest and most genuine expression of who you are.

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Noble Stallion

Release the pains of your past, activating the freedom and ease to act for your highest good.

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Divine Elephant

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The Sacred Secrets of Your Soul

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Journey into Consciousness

The following meditations take you on different adventures as you journey inward with your Soul.


A gentle meditation to cleanse, balance, and align your body and being
-Recorded in 432 Hz

Running time: 60-minutes

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Heal your past. Unlock
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Receive your Gift

The Ego's Code Meditation

Designed to complement the book, The Ego’s Code, this meditation is a powerful 45-minute healing journey that helps to detox the negativity from your life and improve your self-worth so you can live with more joy and happiness.

Recorded in 432 Hz, the music in this meditation has been channelled to help you release and heal negative energy blockages, distress, and unhappiness.  As you heal, you will experience a deep inner transformation that reunifies your mind with your body, your body with your soul, and your soul with nature.

The Ego's Code Meditation guides you through four sections - grounding and merging your consciousness with Mother Earth; retrieving insightful learning from the World Tree of Consciousness; releasing the negativity that has been holding you back; and receiving a lost part of your soul, which will reintegrate fully.

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