June 2022

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June 2022


How Congruent & Conscious Are You?

What do the following questions reveal about your incongruencies?

Fill in the blanks …

I want to be ___________ but _________
I want to change _________  but ___________
I want to stop  ___________ but _________
I want to enjoy more of  ___________ but _________
I want to receive  ___________ but _________

… then click on the video to find out what your answers say about you!

June 2022


From ‘I don’t matter’ … 

Incongruencies are painful!  They can cause us to feel stuck, unhappy, distressed and unsafe in our own lives.

Sometimes the sheer volume of issues, challenges and things we want to change prevent us from being able to move forward in life.   We can feel so exhausted, angry, confused and doubtful that we don’t know which way to turn, where to start or what to do first.

Your pain is real, but the more you ignore it or try to avoid it …

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…the more intense the pain will get until you are willing to give it the attention it craves.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why the same or similar things keep happening?

Everything in your life happens for a reason, good and bad.  There are no consequences.    When you are incongruent there is something fundamental you need to learn, to heal and to remember.  When you do magic happens! Joy radiates from your soul into every aspect of your life.

It begins by making a decision that from this moment…

’I matter (to me).’


… to ‘I Matter’

When you matter (to you), you are making a conscious choice to be, and to live, as your most congruent self.   The more congruent you become, the more you will enjoy:

  • Strong mental health and wellbeing
  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Passion, drive and excitement for life
  • Clarity of mind and purpose
  • Inner calm, peace and knowing …
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  • Complete trust in yourself
  • Harmony, joy and balance in all areas of your life

Your journey to congruency is as easy or as difficult as you choose.  It requires you to navigate your destructive patterns, learn from your past, release your negativity, let go of all expectations, accept who you are and to completely trust in you knowing that your soul has your back.

This takes time.

You can support yourself by asking, one question:

‘Why am I doing this for me?”

When you can answer and then act on this question you are honouring yourself, your sacred energy and your soul!

Always act for your sacred energy and you soul!


June 2022


Sacred Secrets of the Soul

Congruency is your rite of passage, source of divine wisdom and most natural way of being!

You don’t need to go in search of it. It is available to you right here, right now….today!

Click on one of the animals to learn more …

June 2022


Plan Your Journey

Detox Your Incongruency

Your incongruencies, negativity and pain unconsciously block your progress.  Start your journey by clearing your path of the obstacles that hold you back and sabotage your success

Activate Your Congruency

Then, embark on a journey to explore the secrets of your soul.  This meditation series takes you inward activating each aspect of your soul’s ‘congruent’ energy, sharing important messages and providing healing

Grow Your Congruency

Continue your journey with a congruency challenge designed to build a closer connection with your soul and start bridging the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be

Expand Your Congruency

Go deeper with an amazing online course.  Take your time, go at your own pace and truly get to know yourself.  Spread joy into every aspect of your life by radiating your soul’s magnificence

Embed Your Congruency

Finally, liberate your soul with private support from Clayton who will help you embed the realisation your most congruent self, through his readings and mentoring programmes

June 2022


Detoxify Your Incongruency

Your incongruencies, negativity and pain unconsciously stop your progress, block your path and sabotage your success.   Therefore, to create a strong foundation to build your congruent life, they must first be healed and then dissolved releasing their wisdom.

The Ego’s Code meditation (and book) is a powerful healing journey.  Regular users of the meditation have confirmed it helps to free you of the negativity and pain that holds you back, brings clarity and dissolve obstacles that previously sabotaged success.

Step 1

Understand the true purpose of your Ego with ‘The Ego’s Code’ audio book

Step 2

Free yourself of negativity!

The Ego’s Code meditation is a powerful healing journey.

Regular users of the meditation have confirmed it helps to free you of the negativity and pain that holds you back, brings clarity and dissolve obstacles that previously sabotaged success.

The Ego's Code Meditation

Free Yourself of Negativity!

Live with more Joy & Happiness

Available Now

June 2022


Activate Your Congruency

The sacred secrets of the soul have been channelled into five 20-minute meditations.  Each meditation takes you on a mystical journey inward activating one aspect of your soul’s ‘congruent’ energy.  Repeated daily use amplifies this energy, bringing new wisdom, ancient gifts and healing from your soul.

Sovereign Bear

Activate your divine courage and self-confidence to have faith in who you are


Available Now

Joyful Hummingbird

Awaken the soulful joy within you activating the truest expression of you


Available Now

Noble Stallion

Release the pains of your past activating the freedom and ease to act for your highest good


Available Now

Divine Elephant

Heal your karma activating and illuminating the path of your divine truth


Available Now

Healing Dolphins

Dissolve your self-doubt, heal self-abuse, and magnify kindness towards yourself


Available Now

The Sacred Secrets of Your Soul

Five Activation Meditation Bundle


Available Now

June 2022


Grow Your Congruency

Where would you place yourself in order of priority in your life?  First, second, third…last?

A fascinating observation about life is that despite all of our time with ourselves
we spend the least amount of time present with ourselves.

This often results in an inaccurate evaluation of ourselves and our life
leading us down a path of self-sabotage, self-pity, and self-betrayal.

To become truly congruent and bring more joy into your life
it is important to become more conscious and more self-aware.

This involves you spending quality time with you.

Challenge yourself to becoming more congruent every day with daily meditations, journaling, reflection, self-observation, building your confidence, being more aware of your soulful capabilities, strengths and needs.

Put YOURSELF first!

7 Day Congruency Challenge

From ‘I Don’t Matter’ … to ‘I Matter’


Coming soon

14 Day Congruency Challenge

Strengthening ‘I Matter’

  • Builds Upon 7 Day Challenge


Coming soon

21 Day Congruency Challenge

From ‘I Matter’ … to ‘You Matter’

  • Builds Upon 14 Day Challenge


Coming soon

Here’s the research

June 2022


Expand Your Congruency

‘Clayton is like a travel guide to your Soul’

You are invited to embark on a remarkable and exciting journey – a journey into your consciousness – to connect intimately with your soul, to remember who you are, to heal your past, embrace your present and create a joy filled magical future that is wholly congruent with who you are!

The Congruent Self programme was channelled to help you navigate the different aspects, levels and dimensions of your consciousness.  Each part is 66-days, with specific weekly focus, to help you deconstruct your past programming and conditioning, heal your karma, unwire your old human neurology and embed your true soulful way of being into your cells, aligning your mind with your body and your body with your Soul.

The Fundamentals

Part 1 of 3

  • 66 Day Course
  • Online, Self-Paced

‘I don’t matter to me’ to ‘I matter to me’


Coming in Summer 2022

The New Traveller

Part 2 of 3

  • 66 Day Course
  • Online, Self-Paced

Builds on Part 1 – The Fundamentals


Coming in Autumn 2022

The Curious Traveller

Part 3 of 3

  • 66 Day Course
  • Online, Self-Paced

Builds on Part 2 – The New Traveller


Coming in Winter 2022

June 2022


A number of years ago I had my first reading with Clayton and it changed my life. The information that came through from my guides resonated so strongly that it brought about a new career path aligned with my higher purpose. My channel for creativity became more open and my ability to connect to source became more attuned. Music now flows through with ease as I recognize and work this connection.

Clayton’s connection is strong and his ability yo translate from spirit into practical action steps for life is unparalleled. I have had a number of readings since and always look forward to the wisdom and guidance that comes through.

Craig Young

Internationally Recognised Composer

June 2022


Embed Your Congruency

If you are committed to you and interested in working privately with Clayton on a regular basis, you can accelerate the realisation of your most congruent self with one of his mentoring programmes

You will work together on many levels – ancestral, mystical, soulful, physical, psychological, cognitive, and behavioural – taking you deep within your consciousness on an exciting journey of self-exploration

This can be over 6 months or 12 months

My Congruent Self

5 Paths to Sovereignty

6 Month Mentoring Programme
1-on-1 with Clayton


Available Now

My Congruent Life

Being a Corageous Creator

12 Month Mentoring Programme
1-on-1 with Clayton


Available Now

June 2022


Personalise Your Plan

Step 1


Start by detoxing your incongruency.  Dissolve the obstacles that block your path and sabotage your success with the Ego’s Code Book & Meditation

Step 2


With each meditation adventure inward activating your congruency, obtain important messages from your soul and receive healing

Step 3


Get a reading.  Check your progress, receive spiritual direction and specific personalised action steps directly from your soul, action them and change your life

Step 4


Work closely with Clayton and receive regular guidance from your soul to create your most congruent joyful life … and more

June 2022


Hi, I’m Clayton

Teacher in Mental Health & Higher Consciousness

Shaman & Spiritual guide

Award-winning author

“There is no fear, no uncertainty and no doubt within your soul. When you trust in your soul, the gifts of peace, kindness and congruency radiate joy into all areas your life. Answer the calling of your soul by giving yourself the gift of you”

“Let me be your guide.”

– Clayton John Ainger – 

June 2022


Words of Praise

Receive your Gift

The Ego's Code Meditation

Designed to complement the book, The Ego’s Code, this meditation is a powerful 45-minute healing journey that helps to detox the negativity from your life and improve your self-worth so you can live with more joy and happiness.

Recorded in 432 Hz, the music in this meditation has been channelled to help you release and heal negative energy blockages, distress, and unhappiness.  As you heal, you will experience a deep inner transformation that reunifies your mind with your body, your body with your soul, and your soul with nature.

The Ego's Code Meditation guides you through four sections - grounding and merging your consciousness with Mother Earth; retrieving insightful learning from the World Tree of Consciousness; releasing the negativity that has been holding you back; and receiving a lost part of your soul, which will reintegrate fully.

It's free!