Transformation Through Kindness

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Your energy is sacred, when people read for you, they are entering your energy field. If you’re interested in having a reading with someone, the reader needs to be able to read through your filters.

Process of readings. Purposely focusing on the fact that it’s not a lazy reading. Too many people will Google ‘Reading for John Smith’ and then do the reading based on their findings.

Why Become Congruent?


To be congruent means
to be honest and have your nonverbal communication in alignment with your verbal communication. Too often, people’s mouth will say one thing but their body language will convey a different message. Everyone senses this in others and that is called incongruence. There is a very interesting thing that happens when you’re ‘all of a piece’ – you will also find yourself much more at peace.


Congruent people generate more trust in others. They know how to listen to their feelings and are capable of accepting them, without fooling themselves or othe. Congruent people show themselves just as they are, without offering any nuances different to how they currently feel. Congruence is about being ‘all of a piece’.


The general definition of congruence is: identical in form; in agreement or harmony. Now apply this to a life approach. Someone who lives with congruency acts in direct accordance with their dreams, desires, beliefs, values, mission and goals. They do not let the thoughts of others affect their approach to the world. The more you do and express what matters to you most, the more.

What Disrupts Congruency?

There are 5 main disrupters to congruency. 

Challenge is you don’t understand why you feel this way or do the things you do, so the cycle begins again. You continue searching, looking for answers, not really know what you are looking for, making change.

Not knowing why, buying everything you want to fill and empty void and just for a short while you feel great, but then the feeling drifts away and once again you feel lost, out of sorts, out of balance…


Self Sabotage


Self Betrayal


Self Deception


Self Pity


Self Abuse

Empty inside, knowing that something is missing – That’s because something is missing – Something that cannot be fixed by awareness alone! So let’s let’s have a little look at getting congruent, how we do that, and why that might be a process of getting uncomfortable before we get to the really great part of becoming congruent.  This path is taking action to correct the area of perception. Wherever we have let ourselves step into not knowing better, or being unconscious, we’re course correcting.

What Awakens Congruency?

     When we grow ourselves beyond the known, that is uncomfortable as hell for most of our egos. But it requires this deep level of commitment to staying the course:

      The 5 foundations of congruency are what awakens congruency:

  • Soulful Sovereingy ‘know thy self’ trumps self-sabotage
  • Jouful Sincerity ‘be thy self’ trumps self-betrayal
  • Honourable Nobiligy ‘act for thy self’ trumps self-pity
  • Coherent Truth ‘trust thy self’ trumps self-deception
  • Kind Hearted ‘be kind to thy self’ trumps self-abuse


Growing Your Congruency

To be truly congruent, you need to be truly conscious first

Start moving into being congruent by raising your consciousness levels first

Challenge yourself to becoming more conscious every day with daily meditations, journalling, reflecting, observing and being more aware of your own levels of consciousness. I am a coach to Board Room Executives, Senior Leaders in large global organisations, House Husbands, Housewives, professional speakers, lawyers, teachers, students and everyone in between. The point is people are people, it is not what you ‘do’ that matters, it’s who you are in your heart, in your soul and are you happy!

7 Day Consciousness Challenge

I Don't Matter ... to I Matter

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14 Day Consciousness Challenge

I Don't Matter ... to I Matter

Builds Upon 7 Day Challenge
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21 Day Consciousness Challenge

I Don't Matter ... to I Matter

Builds Upon 14 Day Challenge
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Expanding Your Congruency

Once you’re conscious, start the congruent self program, longer and deeper than consciousness challenge

Coming Soon in 2021. One of the things I most enjoy about the internet is how easy it has become to find, and get to know, really awesome people. A big part of that is thanks the invention of the blog. Before the digital revolution you really only had access to the articles your local paper chose to run, or books put out by those authors who managed to pitch their idea to a major publishing house. The result was a pretty small set of options in what you could read, controlled by others, and doled out very, very slowly.

The Fundamentals

Part 1 of 3

66 Day Course
Online, Self-Paced
Coming Soon in March 2021

‘I don’t matter to me’ to ‘I matter to me’
Includes the 5 activation meditations

The New Traveller

Part 2 of 3

66 Day Course
Online, Self-Paced
Coming Soon in June 2021

Builds on The Fundamentals

The Curious Traveller

Part 3 of 3

66 Day Course
Online, Self-Paced
Coming Soon in Sept 2021

Mastering what is true to who you are
Builds on The New Traveller

Words of Praise

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