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Find here short stories, exercise, tips, techniques, mini rune readings, divine guidance, and channelled messages from animal spirits to help you trust your intuition so you can hear clearly and then act upon the messages you receive from your Soul.  These posts are shared by Clayton and guests who write and teach about spirituality, consciousness, mindfulness, spiritual health, and personal growth.

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How to Stop Sabotaging Your Relationships

How to Stop Sabotaging Your Relationships The Ego’s Code – How to stop sabotaging your relationships Why do relationships have problems, breakdown or fail? It seems like the question can’t possibly have an answer, or at the very least must have hundreds. The...

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Banish Your Negativity in 2021

Banish Your Negativity in 2021 As featured in The Voice Blog The New Year is always a time for reflection and forward planning. When Christmas and all of the festivities are over, many of us enjoy the anticipation and excitement of what the year ahead may bring....

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Don’t be a Slave to Negative Self-Talk

Don’t be a Slave to Negative Self-Talk As featured on We all experience negativity in our lives everyday to differing degrees – some severe, some mild – and all negativity has an impact on our lives. Psychologically we can feel demotivated,...

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24h Negativity Detox

24hr Negativity Detox As featured in Soul & Spirit Magazine We all experience negativity.  It is a natural and normal psychological and physical message from your mind, body and spirit letting you know something is not quite right or how you think it...

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Stop Sabotaging Your Health

How to Stop Sabotaging your Health? Is your negativity making you unhealthy? Or are the choices you are making in your life making you unhealthy? Or both? In essence, it is both. In fact one leads to the other; furthermore if both go unchecked it often leads to...

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Happy, healthy relationships with yourself and others Relationships are the bedrock of life. Nourishing. Fulfilling. Enjoyable. Engaging. Supportive. Of course, they can be challenging, too. All manner of complications, conflict, and resentment can be caused by...

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